Sunny Days
Educational TV Program

30 minutes each episode

Presents by Silkrain Media
Produced by A China Information Media Networking Company - China Infonet


Educational TV Program 30 minutes for each episode (Bi-Lingual) A group of ethnically diverse children will sing and play in English throughout each episode while lead child- hostess assist the lead teacher to introduce the English language and American culture to Chinese children. (To be disseminated free of charge to pre-school in emote areas in South-West Cultural Exchange)

This 30-minute program contain 4 segments each episode in which basic phonics systems, vocabulary and phrases of American English will be introduced by children from California, U. S. A.

Seasonal series specials, such as Christmas Special or Fourth of July Special will also intersperse in the series to help children in China understand American life and culture.

Although the series is to be distributed to China through local Chinese television stations, more than 5 hundred copies in VHS and/or CD format will be distributed to elementary schools in remote areas of China to help promote education and cultural exchange between America and China.


Executive Producer
Cynthia Wu
William Chang

Roger J. Zou

Directed and Written by
Victoria Chang

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