Touch of Tao

The Mystery of Wudang

Documentary Feature Film
Run Time 60 Minutes

Presents by Silkrain Media
Produced by A China Information Media Networking Company - China Infonet


As Shao-Lin is synonymous to Kong-Fu, Wu-Dang has long been regarded by the Chinese as representative of the studies of Taoist martial arts including: Wu-Shu, Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong. Taoism, a philosophy based on the teachings of Lao-Tzu, originated in the Chou Dynasty (appx. 500 B. C.). It is a philosophy that teaches ideals of naturalism and transcendence.

By 100 A. D., Taoists began building their temples in remote mountain areas in hope of establishing a closer link to nature. Situated in central China, the Taoist temple of Wu-Dang has selectively received disciples from all walks of life for two millenniums. Recently, another traveler shall embark on a journey in search of answers to the mysteries of Tao and Qi; this young man from America carries with him high hopes, but what will he find once he arrives at the temple?

“Touch of Tao” will document the journey of this courageous young man whose endeavors may enlighten all those who are interested in the philosophy of Tao – The Way.


Executive Producer
William Chang
Roger J. Zou

Directed and Written by
Cynthia Wu

Production Consultant
Victoria Chang

Benson Ng


George Eckhart

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